2 Things About Birds That Melted My Brain

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Here are two things I learned about birds over the last month or so that actually melted my brain. Fun side note - These two facts came from the same couple of friends on two separate hang-out occasions! I guess on some level we love talking about birds, lol. Shout out to Steph and Simon! ** Both occasions were within Covid guidelines here in New Brunswick, CAN, because we safe af.
1) Birds are considered Reptile's. We'd been watching this little bird play in the water fountain located in Brunswick Square, Saint John, NB for ten minutes when all of sudden, Simon says: "Did you know that birds are considered reptile's?" I believe my reaction was along the lines of: "Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool WHAT?!"
I did some digging and found out that according to Phylogenetic Taxonomy, birds are closely related to crocodile's and lizards and are considered reptile's because they are direct descendants of DINOSAUR'S. The scales on their feet, the fact they lay hard-shelled eggs with a membrane inside and their great great great grandparents were feathered dinosaurs also known as Avian Dinosaurs! They had long arms, elongated beaks, and were covered in feathers. Avian Dinosaurs evolved over the last 65 million years to become today's modern birds.
2) Chickens don't always lay eggs that are fertilized. In other words, the eggs we buy from the grocery store or get from the coop are not fertilized when you pick them up! I was positive that the yolk was an unborn chicken baby that was somehow stopped during the farming process. APPARARENTLY NOT. Chickens just lay eggs. All the time.
Mind. Blown.
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