The Benefits of Natural Light

Not only a photographer's best friend, natural lighting is reeeeaaallly good for your health! Here are 4 health benefits (and 1 wealth benefit) to having more natural light in your life.

  • It boosts Vitamin D. When our skin absorbs vitamin D, it helps prevent bone loss, help fight off inflammation, boosts our immune system, helps battle depression and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. The sunshine vitamin can be absorbed both inside and outdoors so when possible, consider getting as much as you can depending on where you decide to spend large chunks of your time. 
  • Natural Light helps battle seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - a major depressive disorder with regards to seasonal patterns - and can help fight off the "winter blues".
  • It improves your sleep. Mental health and sleep often go hand-in-hand so the more you get, the better you rest! Check out this small 2014 case study for some more info.
  • It benefits your eyesight. This doesn't mean staring directly into the sun for hours on end gives you 20/20 vision, but elongated use of computer screens, smart phones and florescent light exposure can cause eye strain that can lead to permanent eye damage. Natural light has been shown to lower the risk of nearsightedness by helping the eye produce dopamine, which aids in healthy eye development.
  • It helps save energy and money per month and in many cases, can boost the value of your home! Strategic natural lighting can reduce energy costs because it can help heat or brighten a space without using electricity. It's also a highly sought after quality for home buyers! 
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