The One With Sweet Hot Tips

Here are 4 unexpected tough things I've encountered as a new entrepreneur (and what I do to help get through them):
1) This shit is WAY harder than I thought it would be. It's the best and worst part.
> How to help deal: To be obvious, start with something you like and or love to do. It really helps when times get bleh. Throughout this process, you're going to dislike some of the steps to doing your thing and may consider quitting. DON'T. You may feel like a fraud and probably question everything you're doing. DON'T. Try not to get lost in over-judging yourself. Find your pace. Play to win. Don't pay too much attention to what others are doing and when you lose, lose humbly af. Be not afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of standing still.
**SWEET HOT TIPS ALERT: In marketing, the winning and losing variable is always the creative. If you're marketing isn't landing with people, Google shit. Ask people for help. There are literally tons of resources today that can help you and spark those creative juices!
2) It can feel lonely at times, frustrating and a mix of other sad emotions. It's impossible to expect anyone else to believe in yourself, your business and your ideas as much as you. Welcome to mental management 101. To help navigate through, tune in to appreciating and enjoying your alone-time. Do you read? Play videogames? Do the arts? Work out? Maybe it's time to try that something new. It's important to spend time with yourself. Self accountability will change your freaking life. Also, be aware of and be grateful for the people you fuck with. That shit matters too!
3) There is no off switch. When you love your process, you will be thinking about it ALL THE TIME. Do at least one thing a day that scares you and takes you and that beautiful brain of yours out of your comfort zone, review and learn from your mistakes and repeat! Saddle up, partner. We're playing the long game.
**SWEET HOT TIPS ALERT: I've found that regular sleep, healthy diet and exercising are a super-mega-important pieces to this puzzle.
4) "The work load is such huge. Wow." - Doge. Being responsible for every part of the business comes with a lot of work and constant learning. Remember, there is no "hack" but many hands can make light work. Rethinking what it means to be "successful" helps me a lot here. Especially as a current one man show. For example, my daily mental check: make each day a minimum 1% better than it was yesterday. That's not a fixed percentage; rather, a practical, optimistic, low-stress approach to setting and completing attainable daily goals that matter. Started from the bottom now we here.
The end :)
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