About Us

Fashion has a waste problem. To learn more about what we're doing about the climate crisis, select "that page" for more Earth friendly info!
Founded in New Brunswick, Arcadia Apparel is the first circular clothing & lifestyle brand from Atlantic Canada specializing in swimwear, athleisure and accessories.
Arcadia means harmony with nature and is at the core of what we do. We use materials that are safe for you, safe for us and with each item ordered, we plant ten trees native to the Acadian (Wabanaki) forest regions here in the Maritimes.
Circular means that from the second you order to the second it arrives at your door we use sustainably sound infrastructure that's designed better for people and for the planet. When you're done with your clothes, mail them back to the address provided on the packaging (which is recycleable) to give the products a new life.
How we dress is an extension of how we communicate ourselves to the world. Arcaprl designs are for those who work hard to live better, the fearless and kind. We understand and value what it means to be present and the importance of striving forward everyday because today only happens once. Wild adventures await!

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