5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste This Holiday Season!

5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste This Holiday Season!

Here are 5 ways to cut down plastic waste this holiday season!

1) Give better. Most of us have too much stuff. Give the gift of an experience! For example, a concert, trip, sports game or a weekend away somewhere or put a donation into a charity that aligns with the person's values.

2) Buy better. Research the environmental impact your physical gifts have and consider using alternate methods of wrapping. Examples of what you can research are things like what the gift is made of, how it's produced and shipped and how the business you're interacting with is environmentally conscious or not. BEWARE OF GREENWASHING :(

3) Wrap better. Hidden in our holiday wrapping paper are materials like waxes, inks, dyes and plastic laminates that make them unrecyclable. That also applies to the "bells and whistles" like bows, cards and the like. We often like to check Pinterest for the excellent, eco-conscious wrapping ideas and tips!

4) Eat and serve better. If you're like us, food has always been a big part of the holidays. When you're out shopping this holiday season, make the effort to purchase items using less plastic. Please bring your reusable bags with you and stay away from single-use plates, cutlery and cups. A little elbow grease in the kitchen afterward never hurt anyone - many hands make light work!

5) Plan better. Generally speaking, the more planning involved, the more success you have when you take on anything new! The same applies to the holidays and how to better manage our waste. 

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