April UPD8's Bring May...Chang...es?

April UPD8's Bring May...Chang...es?

Hey @everyone, hope you're healthy and happy as can be. Here's what's new this month.

Summer is coming...Who else is pumped?! We've been hard at work with anticipation for the days on the water and fun in the sun! We're unloading tons of new bathing suit designs in both men and women sizes. The bikini's are receiving new patterns, fresh prints and solid-colour choices.

Plus, introducing the new, eco-friendly men's swim trunks! Time to gear up, boys and we've got you covered. The r-pet, stylish af swim trunks are here. We'll be dropping designs left, right and center so people have access to options!

The Spirit Animal hoodies have launched! Grab a Spirit Animal hoodie and join the Spirit Animal Fam! What's your spirit animal?

All hoodies in this collection come with a choice of black or white, are individually embroidered, come in both men and women sizes, plant 10 trees, save animal lives and upcycles discarded plastic from landfills and oceans!

A percentage of the proceeds from the Spirit Animal hoodie collection is donated to the longevity of the SPCA to help our furry friends until they can find a new home. 

The new, free cheat codes have rolled out on ggcheatcodes.com - while supplies last!

We're another month closer to the upcycled athleisure and footwear collections and we can hardly wait - everything from leggings to sneakers!

On a more serious note, given the uncertainty of what's going on between Russia and Ukraine, like other industries - we are no exception to the ripple effect. Please expect possible changes and delays in shipping, shipping rates and apparel prices due to the war. We support the people of Ukraine and sincerely hope this all comes to an end sooner rather than later. We are currently working on a project that where all proceeds from the purchase of this special collection will be donated to help the people of Ukraine - details to come.

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