May Updates!

May Updates!

Hi @everyone. I hope you're all happy and healthy as can be. Here's what's been going on this month.

NEW SWIMWEAR! The weather is getting nicer and it's inspired us to get busy designing bikini's and swim trunks in preparation for summer.

We've been doing RnD for new bathing suit styles as well. We've got our eye on a few designs and hoping we can make them eco-friendly before the summer begins! 

TREES PLANTED: Very excited to announce that we've planted over 100 trees this month in the Acadian forest regions located right here in New Brunswick. Thank you to everyone that helped make this possible!

NEW PRODUCTS: We've introduced a few new products this month.

> Patches > Perfect for your favourite jacket, pair of pants, backpacks and more! We'll be adding more of these throughout the next few months!

> Hats > For the love of your noggin'. We've added 3 new hat styles including the dad hat, 5 panel cap and pastel baseball caps.

> New Men's Arc Logo Hoodies

> New Women's Arc Logo Hoodies

That's all for this month, folks. Thanks for reading and stay healthy out there.

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