May 2023 Updates

May 2023 Updates

Hey @everyone,

I hope you're all as healthy and happy as can be. Here's what's new as of May!


As summer continues to draw near, we will be bolstering our swimwear collections. New colours, new patterns and new designs will be added to the lineup to ensure you can find a bathing suit that fits you!

As per request by the majority of our lovely patrons, we don't use specific "drop dates" to unload 100's of new designs on you all at once, rather, we add them in small chunks over time. Most people like the idea that whenever they come to check the store, there's a fun chance something new and exciting will be there they hadn't seen before. Be sure to check-in and keep your eyes peeled when you're in the market for a new suit! 

Here's a quick preview of one of our current, new patterns:

The Navy & Red Two-Tone Bikini

Navy and red two-tone bikini backNavy and red two-tone bikini front

There are a bunch more coming plus new designs and styles we think you'll go crazy for. Stay tuned for more updates!



We are always on the hunt for the next buttery soft, high performance leggings and the like. Variety is the spice of life and we've got our eye on some new designs that we think everyone will love! Here's a quick preview:

Sport Leggings

Purple Sport Leggings

Butt-Lifting Yoga Leggings
Butt-lift leggings
Seamless & Smooth Workout Leggings
Seamless and smooth sport leggings
High-Waist Yoga Shorts
Butt-lift yoga shorts
Organic Cotton Workout Leggings/Top Combos
Yoga/Fitness Workout Leggings and Tops
And many more! All of the variations displayed in the previews come in a slew of colours and patterns. More on these to come in the near future.


Trees, Coral & Plastic - Oh My!:
We planted over 120 trees in April! Everything from Maples to Mangroves got planted across the globe and we couldn't be happier. We planted 10 corals in the reef and removed, recycled and upcycled 1 tonne of plastic from the environment.

Trees planted!


That's it for now! Lots going on and I'm sure there's something I've forgotten. If and when that happens, I will update it here first in our blog.


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