2022/10/09 - QOTD

2022/10/09 - QOTD

For your reading pleasure. An opinion piece based on personal experience.

Quote Of The Day:

"If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore."

- Michele Ruiz

Please add self-improvement to your list of vices because it always pays off. The regret of not having tried is harmful to the soul.

This quote best applies within the realm of self-improvement. Whether you're improving for a career, a relationship, general health or because you're craving change in your life - triple down on this.

Improved personal results take time and patience. You will fail many times on this journey and with each fail, you will learn how to tweak what you're doing to make it better.

Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way - including yourself. Know when and how to tune out unconstructive criticism and spend zero time convincing others all within reason.

**This does not mean that you shouldn't listen to other people - because at times, their advice and opinion are invaluable.

Just remember that when another person doubts you or throws shade on what you're doing, it almost always has nothing to do with you. Everyone's situation is different. We never know what someone else is going through at any given time.

The solution is easy enough, however, it's following through with it that's difficult. Especially if those doubting you are close to you (parents, spouse, friends, siblings etc). You have to figure out how to distance yourself for as long as you need. Some possible solutions are to move out, block out, tune out, tolerate - whatever works until you come back full-swing doing the things you love doing for a living.

Look at this sweet chart we just made up.

Circle of Self-Improvement

This chart isn't suggesting that you have to be "ooey-gooey, over the top, super happy" all the time. At the most basic level, just work on being reasonable for when times get unreasonable. There is a 100% chance shit will hit the fan at some point in your life and doing things listed on this chart will help get you through the tough times. Practicing self improvement is essential for becoming the best version of yourself.

Additionally, when you feel stuck, get help from the pros in whatever avenue you're pursuing. Take advantage of the free platforms provided to you like Google and YouTube. Get involved with communities. Get out of your "comfort zone" and try new things, learn how to lose and keep going. You'll be so much better off following your heart in the long run.

And guess what...

The relationships with those who doubted you will either become 10x stronger than they were before (including the relationship with yourself) or they will dissolve entirely.

Either way, you win.

I promise you that when you surround yourself with those who support you, the people whose eyes light up when you enter the room, the best shit happens.

Have a happy Thanksgiving (to those who celbrate it) and a great rest of your day. See you in the next blog. Cheers!

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