QOTD by Gary Vaynerchuk

QOTD by Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey @everyone. Hope you are as happy and healthy as can be. Here's the Gary Vee quote of the day:

"Very quickly I can tell you that you need to get every voice out of your head besides yourself and you need to love yourself." @garyvee

If you've been living under a rock or simply are not familiar with who Gary is and what he does - visit the insta link above and start exploring his content. He's a super-successful (by any standard) entrepreneur, kindness & empathy warrior, business lover and provides insane amounts of genuine, relatable, useful business and general life content for free.

When I first came across his content (several years ago) I was hesitant to give him the time of day. I initially got the "another positivity coach/guru here to cash in on people's weaknesses vibes". I'm so thankful that I was dead wrong.

Although we've never met in person, Gary has fundamentally changed my outlook on life in numerous places. We may not agree 100% on EVERYTHING but I can tell you the agreeances far outweigh the disagreeances.

His infectious, humbling, in your face, practical and helpful insights have helped so many that there aren't enough thank-you's in the world to cover what he's put out for people to hear, see and read. There needs to be more of this shit in the world and less of whatever the alternative is. Life is too short to be pissed off, sad and scared all the time.

The biggest lesson I've learned personally from Gary is to take action on what energizes you. It's all just talk until you actually act on it. Watching his content over and over and over has helped and guided me with my own business struggles and tougher experiences in life.

I'll end this blog with a massive thank you to him and a recommendation to anyone that needs a shot of positivity and education for your trying times, please check out @GaryVee - you won't regret it.

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