Sustainable Tip #03

Sustainable Tip #03

This blog is based off of my own experiences to-date with sleep.

The verdict is in. We need good sleep. There are many ways to get good sleep but for the sake of this blog, we'll stick with a tip a tad less obvious. Turning off your devices and wifi box/router at night will help you sleep better, with fewer interruptions. The amount of 'recommended' times for resetting your router is subjective. Some bonuses for resetting your wifi box are that it cleans out the short-tern memory cache and keeps the connections running smooth and it allows the router to re-select less crowded, device link channels giving you  stronger connection speed. Plus, you'll save a lil' energy and gain more of your own!

> Get up and enjoy your morning routine! Make your bed, exercise (if you can), eat breakfast (always). Yes, there's always time for breakfast. It doesn't have to be the Cora's special every day. Replenish your waters, create delicious smoothies and/or brew smooth black coffee and tea. Your body accepts food nutrients better in the morning. 

> If you can, wake up with an alarm clock instead of your phone. Checking your phone first thing in the morning primes your brain for distractions. If you're too hooked or can't buy an alarm clock, turning off all notifications is a solid, second choice.

Forget the fomo (fear of missing out) you had today when it's time to unwind. Happy snoozing :) 

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