Sustainable Tip #1995

Sustainable Tip #1995

Sustainable tip #1995: Transform old clothes into new garments.

A forgotten t-shirt can become a refurbished new gym tank. A dress you stopped wearing can become a new top and skirt. Transform your old pants and jeans into shorts!

All you need are scissors, glue, needle and thread and maybe a Youtube video or two. If you've never done DIY alterations to clothing or would just rather not, don't fret. There are a ton of way-talented people out there that can help explain, show you how-to and/or make them for you. For example, businesses like Spunky Bruiser make neat AF handmade and sustainable pieces from scratch like jackets, pants, overalls, the "Patch Sloppy Sweater" and "Patch Sloppy Hoodie".  

Get your creative on, who knows - you may like it.

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