Sustainable Tip #4221

Sustainable Tip #4221

This blog is based off some of my to-date experiences creating and posting content with social media. Primarily on Instagram and Facebook.

Develop a posting schedule and stick to it. If you're like me and firmly sticking to a routine is not your strong-suit, do both of these things. Learn the shit out of how to do it and understand you can accomplish great things individually; however, it's rare to reach the pinnacle and maintain that level of competition without help. So for the love of the cause, find your people! The total amount of content produced for your schedule is subjective but content including written, audio and visual at least two weeks to a month in advance (if you can) can make life easier. What amount can you manage? Once you "figure it out", anything else you come up with on top of your scheduled content is just extra gravy on the potatoes if ya know what I mean...

Start in a niche and nurture the community you have. Be mindful that we are bombarded by hundreds of ads and marketing content every day. If you choose not to stand out. You won't. If you choose to go with the flow, you will. What's important is to think about where you want to end up. Who are you trying to reach? Why are you trying to reach them? Spread your creativity across as many social platforms as you can handle (Tiktok, FB, Twitter, IG, Snap, LinkedIn etc.) "Many hands make light work".

When it comes to the question "what kind" of content, the major connundrum is nobody knows "how-to" better, than you. Whether you're a solo act or part of a team, contextualize your content and use the bits that mean the most to you. People pick up on that. We remember things associated with how it made us feel way more than the alternative. 

Whatever your situation, the best advice I've received when posting is that ultimately, you won't know what the other outcome would have been anyway, so just post. Heading into 'the shit' with practical optimism works. It's like anything else, you get better at this the more you do it. Picture it like learning how to drive a car; growing up, you didn't know how to do that either.

To sound cliché, but true, enjoy the process of creating a working prototype. Be patient with it. Everyone starts with zero followers!

Learn the art of giving up and be adaptable. Embrace your competitive side. You're here to win. And when the time comes and you're facing failure - remember why you started. A person's feedback, Google, Youtube, books and many other forms of entertaining and educational content are great places to get the information you need for change. The creative is always the variable to success and bringing the most possible value to your audience is key every single time. Once you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are.

Worry less about the negative comments on posts. Empathize knowing they're rooted in anger, sadness and/or fear and almost always have nothing to do with you. That's not to say all negative feedback is bad, either. Listen to those constructive criticsms. Often times, you find exactly what you need to move forward. Remember that failing goes hand-in-hand with not only the creative process but winning as well.

That's it! I hope this blog helps those struggling with confidence posting or are second guessing their skills. This is a mental game, play long-term, the end :)

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