Sustainable Tip: Invest In A Growler!

Sustainable Tip: Invest In A Growler!

If you enjoy drinking craft beer and know that you'll likely finish it within a couple (1-2) days, grab yourself a growler and head to your local brewery or liquor store! Don't own one already? Not to fret - most breweries and liquor stores offer them to purchase!

These babies are great for a number of reasons and have been around for a long time dating back as far as 1800's. Back then, kids (mostly) transported beer in steel buckets from brewery to the office or to home. During the transportation process, the beer swished around the bucket causing CO2 to be released making a "buzzy/growling" noise. It's believed that this noise is how the growler got its name! 

Growlers were the best-known way to hold your beer until we hit the prohibition era in the 1920's. They eventually picked up again in the 1930's and lasted for a little while until - fast-forward to the 1950's - when beer started being bottled and sold in containers made of waxed cardboard. After the brewers and their beer switched to bottles the growler lost some of its "mojo" and was seen as worthless and outdated at the time.

It wasn't until 1989 when the Growler started to gain traction again and began taking its glass jug/stainless steel forms we use today!

An average Growler holds 64oz (1.8L) of beverage. To compare - one 6-pack/sixer/etc. of bottled beer holds 72oz (2.0L) and one 12-pack holds 144oz (4.0L). 

The biggest pros of owning and using a Growler are the beer is fresh as f^_^k when you get it and can be great for sharing. Especially if you have a few crafties in mind!  Additionally, the refills cost less money and produce less waste than having to buy a new pack each time you run out. 

Arguably the largest drawback is if you know you're not into craft beer, the growler may not be worth the investment. Avoid places selling growlers as a "premium" while selling the same beer in the bottle at a cheaper price. Read that again. It happens more than you think!

It's important to keep your growler as clean as you can before refilling them. Especially if its been a while! Try to avoid storing your growler for long periods of time unless you can properly cap, store and seal them!

Please drink responsibly! 🍺😃

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