Sustainable Tip #3497

Sustainable Tip #3497

Put up a no junk mail sign on your letterbox to limit the amount of paper waste.

Be gone unwanted and unnecessary ad flyers! We see enough ads surfing the net throughout the run of a day let alone having them creep their way into our mailbox. In an increasingly digital world, old-school junk mail continues to lose it's relevance. Plus they're really bad for the environment. I can't tell you how many of them I see scattered across the highways, laying in ditches and in the street or floating in rivers and lakes. It's simple enough to do and requires maybe 5min of your time depending on how far away you live from your mailbox.

In Canada, to stop getting unaddressed advertising, simply put a note on your mailbox stating that you do not wish to receive Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™. Place the note in or on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box. Some other countries may require you to call a number or sign something online but most can be achieved through this method!

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