Sustainable Tip #6972 - Buy Second-Hand Clothing When You Can

Sustainable Tip #6972 - Buy Second-Hand Clothing When You Can

Every time my fiancé and I have moved or do a spring/fall cleaning, we always end up with garbage bags full of old clothing. We throw the bags in the car and hit the nearest Frenchy's to drop them off for future wearers! There are some fantastic finds out there waiting to be discovered. I've found a number of old tees and cardi's over the years that I still wear today. Not that we're not against buying new - (shameless plug link) - but buying second-hand clothing is great for a number of reasons. It prevents clothing from ending up in the landfill or worse - the ocean and it's cheaper than buying new (or it should be). Just be sure to wash before wearing! Today's blog is a quick entry. Have a thrifty piece you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite second-hand find was! 


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