Tuesday QOTD

Tuesday QOTD

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

I wonder what he meant by that? Classic abstract Picasso. Another statement completely open to interpretation that only Pablo could really answer.

Maybe it was in lieu to our thoughts creating our reality? Like if you think your life is shit - then it will be. Conversely, if you think your life is amazing - it will be amazing. You will conciously/subconciously do things that will make that thought/those thoughts your reality.

Or maybe he meant that we live in a world of abundance? There's so much out there for us to experience and draw inspiration from that literally everything you think you want to do - you can. You just need to work at it.

It's one of those statements that could be discussed forever and never really land on a concrete conclusion. Frustrating to some yet at the same time brilliant. Maybe that was the point. Maybe the point was to give us at least one sentence in life to talk about and discuss indefinitely. To feed off one another utilising our creative thinking and communication skills. To have one of those REAL DEEP kind of talks or to express what we thought he meant through new, cool-ass artworks.

Or maybe he was just trolling everyone...

Whatever the case, well played Pablo, well played.

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