Why Writing Kicks Ass

Why Writing Kicks Ass

The following blog is based off of my own experiences with writing. Like all blogs, please take this with a grain of salt and feel free to let me know how writing has helped you navigate through the more "complicated" times in your life in the comments. 

Most people choose not to write because they either don't see the point or they can't. If there is one skill I can recommend to anyone to learn or to help you with any tough or thrilling situation in life - it's writing.

"But what would I write about?"

Whatever you want! Thoughts, feelings, blogs, stories, songs, poems, haiku's, jokes - the list goes on.

Whether it's by hand, on a laptop or some other way, write your freaking heart out. You will be surprised how theraputic it is. It's fun looking back through it all to see how you've progressed and what you wrote about at the time - comparible to looking at old photos and videos. It's an excellent exercise for your mind, helps build concentration and is the best way to get those infinite thoughts out of your head and into the world.

Plus, not only does it help you; should you decide to share your thoughts, it can help other people. It's one of the oldest forms of communication! You never know who is reading or what they're going through when you're writing away. You can be as private or as public with it as you like. There is no "right way" to do it. 

When I lost my father back in July, life took a dark, drastic turn in a direction I have zero knowledge on how to navigate. I turned to writing. I did a lot of writing. I wrote about everything. How I felt, my anger, my sadness, my fear. Also my joy, people and things I am thankful for and happy memories too. I wrote about what was happening in my life until my hand cramped up, took a break and wrote some more. I came out better because of it. When life strikes and if you've run out of options of dealing with it, I can not recommend writing enough.

And that's just a few reasons why writing kicks ass.

Wow, look at all these words I just came up with. Wild, eh?

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Until next time.

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