Thursday Updates

Thursday Updates

Hello! Hope everyone is as happy and healthy as can be. Here's what's new this week!

Men's Tank Tops

Solid colours, logo can be found on the front or back depending on your preference!

Women's Crop Top: Komodo Dragon

Made of 100% organic cotton and comes in black or white - the crop top will never go out of style. A timeless street and beach classic, you can wear it as an eye-catching solo piece or pair it with your favourite jackets and everyday outfits. Sun's out - tum's out!

Denim Dad Hats

Solid denim-wash colours with small embroidered logo on the back creating the ultimate vintage feel. The adjustable buckle allows for one size fits all noggin's and is a fan-favourite accessory! Style on. 


Check out our new arrivals to find the newest additions to our sustainable clothing line. See you at the beach this summer! 

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