Tuesday Tips for Sustainable Living

Tuesday Tips for Sustainable Living


Limit the amount of driving you do when you can. This depends heavily on where you're going and what is going on at any given time in your life but If you have the option to carpool, walk, ride a bike, a skateboard, rollerblade, stay home, kayak, ski, WHATEVER for work and otherwise, do it.

This doesn't mean you need to sell your car or hit the gym and lift, bro <3

What it means is that it's important to assess your fitness levels, get the exercise in, think about Earth long-term from time to time and help keep the game going.

Both how we move and exercise can reduce our individual GHG's, improve our energy levels, overall health and encourage the practice of healthier habits. They play an important part within our physical, mental and emotional well-being/health. 

Who knows how we'll be getting from A to B in the future - what we choose today, matters most!

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