Thursday Updates!

Thursday Updates!

Hey everyone, hope all are happy and healthy AF as can be! We've been focusing more on summer-weather items like bathing suits and beach accessories since the weather here lately has been phenomenal for getting outside on the water. Here's what's new this week:

Peach-Dyed One-Piece Swimsuit

Perfect for days at the beach and outings at the pool!

Rainbow Brittle Bikini:

Our Recycled Bikini's are on fire so we've been doubling down on our selections as variety is the spice of life! 

Cool Lines Shorts:

Another smasher for the boys! Shorts have been heating up as well this summer so we're doubling down on the designs. You won't find these designs anywhere else! Great for a day on the boat, the beach or a dip in the pool!

Cotton Candy One-Piece Swimsuit:


The Cotton Candy one-piece is two-toned with the classic cotton candy colours! 

Adventure Alien Sweatshirt:

Our new sweatshirts will keep you comfy and styled-in for your daily grind or for evenings out on the town! They feature a variety of neat embroideries and prints (like our Adventure Alien embroidery) and pair excellent creating diverse, classic-casual looks! Did we mention they're 100% eco-friendly? You will be seeing more of these in the near future!

If you enjoyed our new addition beauties you should check out the rest here!

Have an idea you think would look cool on something we offer? Let us know what kind of designs you'd like to see more of and on what items via email at: or send us a DM on social!

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