Tips on Stress Management

Tips on Stress Management

These tips are based off of personal experience and still work for me to this date. I am not a physician or therapist - if you have or are having severe problems with stress management it may be worth your while to reach out to a professional.

That being said, here are 4 tips that have helped me manage my stress.

1) Tune in, tune out.

> 99.9% of people, places and things can get loud and it can be difficult holding back when we hear and feel things that upset us.

Tune in, tune out literally means to pop your headphones on/in when the stress comes. Listen to music, podcasts and the like. You can double-down your stress by pairing this tip with exercising or doing a hobby you enjoy. Often times when things get "too loud", it's best to tune them out, take a break from it initially, then come back to it when necessary, if at all.

2) Live with green.

> Real plants and nature calm people down. Have you ever worked in a setting without plants vs. one with them? If you find your daily routine at work or home is stressing you out, add some real plants to your environment. Also, get outside! Go for a walk in the park, by the water, in the woods, on a trail, down the sidewalk, breathe in that glorious fresh air provided to you for free! You can thank me later.

3) Get plenty of sleep. 

> This one is self explanatory. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep. Figure out how much you need and get that amount - no matter what. Sleep heals us in almost every way. You'll be wheelin' and dealin' that stress in no time. 

4) Learn new things.

> Even if you learn to dislike it! Yes, there is always stress associated with learning new stuff; however, learning new things also teaches you to get through that stress. Don't measure your capability to learn by the speed at which you learn, rather, measure the enjoyment learning new things brings you. Learn to enjoy the process of learning and you'll fall in love with it. We all learn different, yet we learn things better when we feel through them.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this helps when the time comes. What tips help you in times of high-stress? Let me know in the comments below.

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