Tuesday Tip For Living More Sustainable

Tuesday Tip For Living More Sustainable

THE TIP: Opt to receive digital letters and notices.

A more sustainable approach to paper waste, receiving news about anything and getting item receipts is to swap these traditionally paper-based trails for a digital one! Digital copies are always mailed to your email and can be texted to you so you'll never lose them should you ever need them! 

Did you know that most receipts printed (gas, grocery, clothing etc.) are made with thermal paper?

What is Thermal Paper? Thermal paper contains bisphenol A (BPA) or its chemical cousin bisphenol S (BPS) in 93% of the receipts tested and approved for today's use. 

What are BPA and BPS? "These chemicals are endocrine disruptors that mimic hormones like estrogen and thyroid hormone, disrupting the body’s normal functioning. Studies have found links between BPA exposure and numerous health problems like breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and obesity."

(For more information on these, check out this neat article)  

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