Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

For more sustainable living! 

Today's Tip: Use rechargeable batteries where possible.

Here's a little pros and cons list to using rechargeable batteries:


  • Longer battery service/shelf life - Rechargeable battery run-time, shelf life and cycle life (in other words, how long it runs during a single-use, how long it lasts on the shelf, how many times it can be used) 
  • Environmentally friendly - 30% less impact on air pollution, 12% less impact on water pollution, 9 times less impact on air acidification, and 28% less impact on global warming. They also help to conserve natural resources since you won't need as many
  • Cost-effective - The initial cost may be more but when you look at their usage long-term they will save you money! Imagine if every time your cell phone died you needed to replace the battery?
  • Convenience - Sit back and relax while your battery recharges. You won't need to replace the batteries as often or go buy new ones from the shop  


  • Battery price/initial cost - Can be a barrier for some when choosing which batteries to use as they tend to be higher in price due to some of the pros on this list 
  • Charging preparations - Before using your devices and tools, some planning and waiting will be required. Some may find this to be a hassle
  • Lack of versatility - For the moment, some applications are not interchangeable with other rechargeable batteries. It's not a "one size fits all" situation. This can lead to having to purchase additional chargers and accessories 
  • Disposal/recycling concerns - The concern relies on us to use rechargeable batteries properly. NEVER get rid of a rechargeable battery until its usage is completely used up as this can cause more harm to the environment than good. Contact your area’s respective disposal and recycling departments as to how you can get rid of used batteries. We may also ask the company or battery supplier on how the disposal and recycling process

In the end, both types have their advantages and limitations. The pros outweigh the cons of using rechargeable batteries and they are highly favourable for moderate to high current draw applications. As a responsible human, keep in mind the proper disposal and recycling of rechargeable batteries to help the environment and conservation of natural resources! 

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