Updates for August & September

Updates for August & September

What's good, everyone! 

Hope you're all healthy and happy as can be. Here's what's been going on over the last two months.

As summer ends and the cool fall air begins to set in here in the maritimes, we're gearing up our fall fashions. A shift from the sun-based threads like our patented swimwear to new hoodies, sweats accessories and more.

This fall we're adding things like blankets, candles and hoodie-blankets! More to come on this as the months carry forward.

Our recycled leggings are here! Super pumped about this drop as they will become a staple to our athleisure line. They are made from compression fabric that offers excellent support and protection during medium to high-intensity workouts. Decorated with an eye-popping designs and colours, the leggings are a must-have for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. Also great for lounging!

Check out the new line here: >>LEGGINGS<< 

Next, due to high demand, we're bringing back our eco-friendly posters! We'll be hard at work coming up with new designs and badass artworks that everyone can hang up on their wall at home or at work. They will drop in the beginning of November this year just in time for the holidays.

**PRODUCT DISCONTINUATION UPDATES: Due to frequent out-of-stock situations, manufacturer’s discontinuation and quality concerns, we’re discontinuing these products in 20 days. All current orders of any of these products will be completed but no new orders can be made.  

1) All hemp t-shirt variations

2) Drawstring bag > burgundy and light denim colours

3) All loose fit drop crop tops

4) Organic kids t-shirt in the candy pink colour

We always want to ensure the best possible quality and this will aleviate many headaches for both our customers and our staff. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience these changes cause.

Up next, we want to get more involved in community events that have a positive impact on the environment (starting in Miramichi, NB and hopefully around the rest of the maritimes too) That being said, we'd love to hear from you! If you know of a positive environmental impact event happening in your area or the province of New Brunswick or somewhere in the maritimes, please reach out to us via email: aaron@arcadiaapparel.ca. We'll be scouring social media and watching the news for updates on events like this in the meantime.

Finally, we'll be introducing eco-friendly accessories for your fur babies! Products like tank tops, bandanas, collars, beds and a bunch more. You can expect these new additions to drop in November as well just in time for the holidays.

That's it for now - If you enjoyed this little blurb, please subscribe to the monthly newsletter for updates on all things Arcadia and friends. You'll be the first to get updates on new arrivals, secret codes used on merch and more. As always, we wish you all nothing but health and happiness during these trying times. Stay positive everyone - tomorrow is a new day. Cheers.

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